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We first started thinking if it was possible to record a real patient talking about surviving and the uncertainty of getting an organ donation. My writer and I both felt there must be a better way.

Then came the idea of piecing together voices of deceased voice artists. It’s a perfect demonstration of how organ donation works. It was quite a challenging process – from getting the consent of family members, to a tricky audio production and finally selling it to clients.


Everyone who listened to it said it sent chills down their spine – and that only means everything we did was worth it.

D&AD : Radio, 1 Wood Pencil

Cannes Lion : Radio, 1 Silver / Design(Sound), 1 Finalist / Health Radio, 1 Finalist

One Show : Radio, 1 Merit

Spikes Asia : Radio, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Mad Stars : Radio, 2 Finalists

Singapore Creative Circle Award : Radio, Best of Show, Best of Show for Good, 1 Gold

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