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Magical light foundation - little hands (Online & On-Ground)


Mounting an art installation has always been something I wanted to try out.

And I want to create it with something I love – shoes.


One day, I came across an article on child labor and realised that the oxfords I wore for my wedding may have been hand-made by a boy from India, merely eight years into his youth. Then came the idea.


We flew to Lucknow, India and spent a week there witnessing kids do things their young hands should not be doing. We came home not just with great photos and footages to use, but with life-lessons that make us appreciate the simple things we have every day.

Mad Stars : Direct, 2 Finalists / Outdoor, 2 Finalists / PR, 2 Finalists / Promo & Activation, 1 Finalist

Singapore Creative Circle Award : Direct, 1 Bronze / Media, 1 Silver / Outdoor, 1 Silver / Gong For Good, 1 Gold / Promo & Activation, 1 Finalist

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