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every body tells a story


‘Mr Tan’, ‘The Stallards’ and ‘Madam Prabhakar’ are family members of my colleagues. The making of each story was both emotional and inspiring as they shared their life journey with us. And these stories were beautifully captured in the writing by my senior, Joseph.

A collaboration with RSVP - a foundation that developes senior volunteers and provide opportunities to serve the needs of the community.


Mr Tan, 15 June 2013, 1435hrs 

Behind those craggy lines and time-worn skin lies countless tales to be told. Stories of a troubled delinquent; a failed businessman; a widower; but ultimately, a survivor. Stories of resilience and hope. These are the memoirs of Uncle Tan – a priceless collection 85 years in the making. He often starts by sharing his personal stories. And end up imparting invaluable life lessons.


Every body tells a story.


The Stallards, 18 Sept 2013, 1320hrs

It’s the oldest story in history but it never gets old. And it’s written all over them. The little nuances. The subtle touches. That loving gaze. It’s a language that goes beyond words for the Stallards. After all, they’ve been married for 50 years. But it wasn’t always a bed of roses. They have battled poverty and political turmoil. Two years ago, they walked out of the dark shadows of cancer, together. “Love can weather any storm,” they’d say. There’s a lesson or two we can learn from the Stallards.


Every body tells a story.


Madam Prabhakar, 20th Oct 2013, 0920hrs

It’s easier to lose faith than to hold on to it. To be let down by life and to just give up. Many do. But Madam Chuckerbutty didn’t. Truth is, she almost gave up on life when her husband passed away years ago. But her children kept her going. They say Time heals. Today, Madam Chuckerbutty lights up when she talks about her kids, her beloved Hindi movies and her favourite foods. Time is indeed the greatest teacher of all. She’s learnt a lot from it. We all could too.


Every body tells a story.

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