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Clear - Stress causes dandruff

(Bridezilla/bullish boss/tiny tantrum)

It still amazes me whenever I recall how this campaign proved that a strong belief does wonders. It was an idea that only stayed as a sketch on paper for 2 years. It’s a piece of creative that is unusual in the world of FMCG. But one day when we gave it another shot, clients miraculously approved and we can finally turn this crazy idea into reality.

This project gave me the chills from the moment we shot it – having witnessed the amazing performance of the talents – and up to the day when it made us bring home a gold lion.

Everything, at the end of the day, was worth it.

Cannes Lion : Health Film, 1 Gold
Spikes Asia : Film, 1 Silver, 5 Finalists
Adfest : Film Craft, 2 Bronzes, 2 Finalists
Mad Stars : Film & Film craft, 7 Finalists
Singapore Creative Circle Award : Film, 1 Gold, 3 Silvers, 10 Bronzes

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